Warehouse and Distribution Center Security

Security at warehouses and distribution centers is a top priority for manufacturers, retailers, and commercial property managers. At Sangar Security, we specialize in supply chain security and provide security that prevents loss, improves operations, and creates a safer working environment for employees at warehouses and distribution centers. Sangar Security provides security for manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and warehouses..

Modern warehouses and distribution centers are a combination of technology and people, and everything is constantly in motion. Leveraging our expertise and the latest technology, we keep pace with the hustle and bustle and make sure no detail is overlooked when shipments are coming and going.

For companies who own or manage a distribution network or multiple warehouses at different locations, it's easy to have your security budget stretched too thin with a poorly designed plan. With our knowledge of supply chain and warehouse security, we use on-site and remote guards along with mobile patrols to keep you secure, and within your budget.

We use the latest technology for warehouse security and surveillance. Our guards on-site, our mobile patrols, and our site managers maintain constant communication through our 24/7 command center and online security portal. Our asset tracking system provides additional benefits to ensure that shipments to and from your warehouse stay on course.

Whether you have one warehouse or one hundred in a distribution network across the country, we've got the capability to meet your needs, and we make it our responsibility to listen and understand the specific needs of your business.