Transportation Terminal Security

Shipping, trucking and transportation terminals are a flurry of action, with people, cargo and equipment constantly in motion. We work with terminal operators and owners to create a “culture of security” that not only protects our clients’ assets, but also improves safety and protects the well-being of the surrounding community. Sangar Security provides security for transportation terminals and depots.

Trucking and transportation terminals must adhere to a number of regulatory standards and also keep security costs within their budget. It’s a complex environment that requires expert solutions for security which recognize logistical demands while remaining within compliance.

As experts in supply chain security, we work within the latest regulatory standards and frameworks. Sangar Security is a validated member of the C-TPAT program as well as a number of regional cargo security task forces.

We leverage the latest security technology and can implement an asset tracking system as well as remote monitoring to reduce theft and keep you compliant. We also go a step further to reduce costs associated with operational inefficiencies. The additional value that we provide to transportation terminals can help turn security from a source of frustration into an opportunity to improve the bottom line.

With our wide geography, operating in 35 states nationwide, and our expertise in supply chain security, we have the capability to secure one trucking terminal or a network of transportation terminals that you own or operate. We have the knowledge and experience to design security protocols for your terminal that keep everything in motion, while also keeping costs down and preventing against non-theft loss due to mishandling of cargo.