Security Audits

Security audits are a process to identify loopholes in security practices, obvious opportunities for theft, and threats to safety. They play an important role as the first part of the security design process, providing a view of the current state of security and opportunities for improvement.Sangar Security provides security audits to indentify weaknesses in security, keep you in compliance, and improve your business operations.

At Sangar Security, security audits are about more than security. Our expert security consultants evaluate existing technology and practices looking for security loopholes, and go a step further investigating any issues of regulatory compliance, and areas of operational inefficiencies that impact your bottom line.

The same attention to detail that forms a part of our core values is apparent in our approach to security audits. We look for weaknesses that may lead to theft, as well as loopholes that allow non-theft losses to occur through mishandling and mistakes.

Our team prides itself on keeping up to date with the latest security practices and regulatory frameworks and our ability to listen and understand the needs of your business when conducting a security audit to help you design a more cost-effective, secure and successful security infrastructure for your business.