Secured Parking Network

Our Secured Parking Network has grown steadily as our partners and clients have seen the value and peace of mind we can provide through our secure parking locations throughout the United States and Canada. 

Available in 32 states, our secured parking network keeps your cargo safe and gives you peace of mind.When there is only a need for five or so spots in a given location, we'll find a local yard with the best security measures and provide that recommendation to our clients. We can provide even greater security and value when there is a critical level of demand, 40 or so spots. We'll locate a joint venture partner, often a carrier terminal or distribution center that already uses a security guard service and has underutilized land, and transform their facility into one of our Secured Parking Network hubs.

We place Sangar Security guards at the terminal or distribution center, train existing personnel in our procedures, and install our proprietary asset tracking system. Our TrailerTrack™ system provides an additional layer of security, showing our clients where their trailers are in real time, and allowing them to monitor driver performance. In addition to guards on-site and mobile security patrols, our integrated guard service includes remote security guards who monitor our Secured Parking network hubs from our 24/7 command center in Orlando, Florida. Our entire team, including security guards, site managers and senior leadership, stay in constant contact through our online security portal, communicating information about the latest security threats and ensuring we are meeting and exceeding our clients' expectations.Sangar Security provides a network of secure parking locations for trailers and containers throughout the United States and North America.

The partners in our Secured Parking Network benefit from increased security and revenue at their terminal or distribution center, and our supply chain clients gain greater peace of mind knowing there's a secure place to park their trailers nationwide.

In addition to identifying and defending against theft, we protect our clients from non-theft losses due to mishandling and mistakes. We monitor trailers and cargo in transit to ensure cold chains remain unbroken, and facilities are within regulatory compliance. We use our experience in logistics to help our clients improve their business operations.

We're committed to ensuring the security of our clients and their assets, and we go a step further to ensure our clients' satisfaction and the success of their business. With Sangar Security, you can be sure your trailers in our Secured Parking Network are more than secure.