Remote Security Guard Service

Our remote security guard service provides a set of well-trained virtual guards who constantly monitor your business and assets for signs of theft, and other potential areas of loss through the latest surveillance technology. Using a remote guard service as part of a well-designed security plan can provide a wider area of coverage and help keep security costs within your budget.

More than simply reacting to alarms, our remote guards proactively monitor premises and secure access areas for any signs of suspicious activity. By communicating with on-site guards and mobile patrols, remote guards are the "eyes" of the team, keeping everyone aware of threats and where they are located.Sangar Security provides remote security guards to protect our clients and their assets with round-the-clock coverage.

At Sangar Security, our remote security guards proactively monitor for signs of theft and also pay close attention to discover any threats to employee or customer safety, as well as inspecting for problems that can lead to non-theft losses. For instance, when a container or shipment stays in one place too long, our remote guards will communicate with guards on-site and use our asset tracking system for monitored shipments to ensure that cargo is secure, and on track to its destination.

For offices and residences that cannot afford a manned guard service 24/7, our remote guard services provide round-the-clock coverage and peace of mind that you and your business are secure. Using the latest security camera technology, we can monitor an entire premises and clearly see any signs of concern whether it's the middle of the day, or the middle of the night.

Unlike surveillance companies that setup a bunch of cameras and "call it a day," we design surveillance and access systems that work together to monitor vendors and employees, protecting your assets and ensuring the safety of your workforce. We don't hire anyone of the street to "stare at a screen." Sangar Security remote guards truly are remote security guards – they go through the same rigorous hiring and training process as our on-site and mobile patrols.

We have the capability to remotely monitor an entire warehouse distribution network, and we can also setup monitoring for one office or residential location that you own or manage. We pride ourselves on our ability to handle the biggest security designs as well as paying personal attention to all our clients.