Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring that your business is meeting the latest government and industry laws and regulations is an important part of what we do at Sangar Security. We design security guidelines and protocols that keep you compliant and more importantly, improve your business operations.Sangar Security provides security services and technology that keep you secure and in compliance with government and industry laws and regulations.

As experts in supply chain security, we are certified members of C-TPAT as well as other regional task forces working to improve overall security in the cargo industry. We understand complex regulatory frameworks as well as the demands of business, and we listen to understand how we can make your business more secure and prevent you from receiving fines or penalties.

With our 24/7 command center and online security portal, our guards on-site are in constant contact with site managers and senior leadership, ensuring you stay in compliance on a daily basis. For our team at Sangar Security, it's not "set it and forget it." We constantly evaluate our processes to find ways to improve our security, the safety of your employees, and the success of your business.