Office Building Security

Office building security is a top concern for business owners and commercial property managers. Property owners and managers must cater to the needs of their tenants while also maintaining a safe and secure environment for all tenants to conduct business.Sangar Security provides office building security ensuring the success of property owners and managers and the safety, security and satisfaction of tenants.

At Sangar Security, we understand that tenant satisfaction and security is priority one. We work directly with office building owners and property managers to develop and deploy an integrated guard service combining traditional on-site guards, remote guards and mobile patrols to provide complete coverage in a cost-effective way.

More than security, our elite team of guards will work directly with hospitality teams to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction and to help reduce vacancies and turnovers. We also provide our experience in logistics, working with facilities and maintenance departments to improve shipping and receiving procedures as well as making sure you stay in compliance with codes and regulations. Our on-site and remote guards are in constant contact with senior leadership and site managers through our 24/7 command center and online security portal, working continually to secure your office building and keep your tenants safe and happy.