Multi-Tenant Building Security

Multi-tenant security requires acknowledging the needs of the various commercial and residential tenants, as well as paying heed to safety, security, regulatory and business concerns. At Sangar Security, we recognize the complex nature of guarding and protecting multi-tenant properties and we work directly with property owners and managers to deliver more than security.Sangar Security provides multi-tenant building security to keep properties secure, ensure the success of property owners and managers, as well as the satisfaction of their tenants.

Understanding that different tenants have different needs and expectations when it comes to visitor monitoring and access control, we design security plans that keep everyone secure and happy. We work continually with hospitality teams to ensure tenant satisfaction and our on-site guards are in constant contact with site managers and senior leadership through our 24/7 command center and online security portal.

More than security, our elite guards work with facilities and maintenance teams to ensure your building is not in danger of any code violations and stays in compliance with all laws and regulations. We also offer our expertise in logistics to improve building operations. At Sangar Security, we're committed to keeping multi-tenant properties secure and going a step further to improve the success of multi-tenant property owners and managers.