Mobile Security Patrol

Mobile patrols provide a cost-effective second line of defense against theft and other losses, covering large premises, or monitoring a number of locations spread across a geographic area. By routinely driving by locations and checking important access points are secure, as well as inspecting for any suspicious activity, our mobile security patrols make sure you and your assets are secure day and night. Sangar Security provides mobile security patrols to protect clients and their assets.

At Sangar Security, our mobile patrols are comprised of well-trained security guards who provide the highest attention to detail. Our mobile security patrols don't simply "drive by" and say "all clear." Our guards on mobile patrols carefully inspect all areas, frequently getting out of the patrol vehicle to visually inspect areas closely. More than looking for security loopholes, our mobile security guards are trained to spot safety concerns and areas of operational inefficiency.

Your business will benefit by being more secure and, with Sangar Security, you'll see more benefits. We prevent loss that occurs due to reasons other than theft, and we're experts at ensuring safety and compliance with government regulations. Mobile patrols also improve the safety of the community surrounding your business. As part of a well-designed security plan, Sangar Security mobile patrols improve your business and your image with your neighbors.