Manufacturing Security

At Sangar Security, we're responsible for safeguarding the facilities of some of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers. In this high-stakes industry, one lost shipment can seriously impact quarterly profits. More than protecting against theft, we've proven our ability to design and implement security protocols in complex regulatory and safety environments.Sangar Security provides security for manufacturing facilities.

Manufacturing facilities are some of the most important links in the supply chain where raw materials are processed or assembled into a finished product. Our experience in supply chain security has given us a unique perspective to identify security loopholes, operational inefficiencies, and ultimately prevent these from impacting our clients' bottom line.

We use the latest technology for manufacturing security. Our guards at your facility, on mobile patrols, and our site managers maintain constant contact and keep apprised of the latest alerts through our 24/7 command center and online security portal. Manufacturing facilities can get further benefits from our asset tracking system which ensures your shipments stay on course and provides routine updates of their progress.