Manned Security Guard Service

When it comes to security, boots on the ground are essential to assess and protect against threats to individuals and assets. By spotting weaknesses in security, suspicious behavior, and dangerous conditions, on-site guards can treat issues proactively. A professional guard service also makes employees feel safer and improves the overall image of a business.Sangar Security provides an elite team of on-site guards supported by 24-hour remote monitoring.

While we leverage the latest technology at Sangar Security, we recognize that a well-trained and elite team of security guards can provide benefits that even the latest technology cannot. Cameras can show vehicles coming and going, but it takes all the human senses to determine when a vehicle may have a faulty emissions or refrigeration system that could pose a threat to the driver and cargo.

It's this attention to detail and holistic approach to security that we provide with our security guard services. Every one of our on-site guards is constantly in contact with their site manager, staying apprised of the latest threats and ensuring we meet the needs of your business.

At Sangar Security, we use rigorous hiring procedures and continually train our guards in the latest security protocols and regulatory standards. Every member of our guard service adheres to our core values displaying honesty, integrity and actively responding to any threats to our clients and their assets.

Our on-site guards stay in continual contact with remote guards monitoring the site, mobile patrols, site managers and senior leadership through our 24/7 command center and online security portal. Everyone works as a team with the goal of keeping our clients secure and helping their business succeed.

With Sangar Security's manned guard services included as part of a well-designed security plan, you can rest assured no detail will be overlooked. We pride ourselves on our capability to handle large security details and more importantly, our ability to listen to every client unique business needs and understand how our manned guard services can best protect you.

Sangar Security provides industrial security for industrial plants and manufacturing facilities.The difference between Sangar Security manned guard services and most guard services is easy to see. We don't just give you a "set of bodies", people standing around who look the part, but aren't effective at security, and don't recognize other sources of loss that can hurt a business or cause injury to employees and customers.

Our elite team of guards are constantly attentive, making sure you and your assets are secure, and finding ways to help your business succeed. With a well-design security plan including on-site guards, mobile patrols, and 24/7 monitoring, you get exactly the coverage you need for your business and your budget, plus more.

All of our guards go a step further, to provide more than security, looking after our clients and the success of their business. Finding areas of operational inefficiencies and improving workplace safety are just a few of the ways our guard services contribute positively to our clients' businesses.