Front Desk Security

Front desk security plays an important role in the lives of people at their business and residence everyday. For property owners, managers, condominium and home owner's associations, having a professional, responsive and attentive security guard service is important for peace of mind and quality of life. Sangar Security provides concierge security to meet the demanding needs of high-end clientele. Photo Courtesy: L'Hotel Porto Bay Sao Paolo

At Sangar Security, we've always been dedicated to delivering the highest level of service to our clients. Serving as front desk security, we provide the same attention to detail and client focus in all our interactions.

Our elite team of security guards are prompt, courteous and professional. With our 24/7 command center and online security portal, on-site guards maintain constant contact with remote guards monitoring the property, site managers and senior leadership. We work as a team to continually improve our processes and deliver security that results in the highest levels of customer satisfaction.