Corporate Security

Corporate security plays a vital role in the success of businesses operating in a complex geopolitical environment. At Sangar Security, our security consultants work directly with senior leadership to discover and defend against threats to the health of your corporation. Sangar Security provides corporate security and goes a step further to protect your bottom line and ensure the health of your company.

We're members of C-TPAT in addition to a number of regional task forces dedicated to securing private companies against terrorism. By participating in these groups, we can advocate for improved standards, as well as help ensure that our clients meet all regulatory guidelines and are protected against the latest threats which are emerging on the global landscape.

With on-site guards, remote guards and mobile patrols available, we cover all aspects of security and our team stays in constant contact with site managers and senior leadership through our 24/7 command center and online security portal.

For us, corporate security is about more than security. With our experience in business process and logistics, we identify areas of non-theft loss that result from mistakes, mishandling and inefficient operations. Sangar provides corporate security that will protect your business, assets, and information - and go a step further to improve your bottom line and your image with your customers and stakeholders.