Construction Security

While some guard companies treat construction security like any other setting, at Sangar Security, we listen to understand the needs of our clients and develop security protocols that protect your employees on the job site, and help safeguard your bottom line. Our combination of supply chain expertise, an elite team of guards, and the latest technology means your construction project will be more than secure. Sangar Security provides security for large scale contruction projects, protecting workers and securing your bottom line.
We take a different approach to security than most guard companies at construction sites, and we don't just show up with a team of guards and "set it and forget it." Our on-site and remote guard services stay in constant contact with site managers and senior leadership through our 24/7 command center and online security portal, ensuring round-the-clock protection for your site.

We constantly measure and evaluate for areas of improvement, looking for ways to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of our clients' operations. With traditional guard services, every point in your line of defense is a weakness to be protected, with Sangar Security, we see these points as opportunities for greater success.