Cold Chain Security

When it comes to a temperature-controlled supply chain, there are many concerns beyond basic security. Ensuring an unbroken chain of properly refrigerated containers and storage facilities is only the beginning. Sangar Security provides cold chain security to provide an unbroken cold chain and improvements to business operations.

By improving gate protocols, and augmenting trailer inspections, our approach to cold chain security can prevent against non-theft losses which frequently occur due to mishandled or delayed shipments.

From food to flowers to vaccines, each cold chain has additional requirements for security and compliance. Our supply chain security experts keep you compliant with regulatory standards while preventing theft and ensuring your shipments depart and arrive on-time, protected and maintained at the proper temperature each step of the way.

Our virtual guards, on-site guards and mobile patrols keep in constant contact with site managers and senior leadership through our 24/7 command center and security portal. We use an asset tracking system and technology backbone that allows us to record, track and log perishable shipments throughout the cold chain. Leveraging a combination of technology and well-trained teams, we design, implement and improve cold chain security protocols that improve security and go a step further to improve the bottom line for our clients.

Having a shipment perish in cold chain handling can be just as costly as losing a shipment because of theft. At Sangar Security, our experience in supply chain security gives us the expertise to design and implement cold chain security practices to protect your goods and make sure they stay within the proper temperature range at every step in their journey.