Assisted Living Security

Security at assisted living and elderly care facilities is paramount to ensure peace of mind for residents, staff and families. There are serious concerns about theft when it comes to security for assisted living facilities, where pharmaceuticals, medical devices and personal belongings are stored on-site. At Sangar Security we go a step further and address non-theft issues of security that threaten the safety of residents and staff, and also impact the bottom line of facility operators and owners. Sangar Security provides security at assisted living facilities to reduce theft and protect residents and staff, providing peace of mind to families.

When it comes to security at your assisted living facility, we don't simply place a guard at a desk and "call it a day." Our core values of active response and attention to detail ensure that we are constantly looking for ways to improve security as well as the quality of life for residents. Our on-site security guards, remote guards, and mobile patrols work as an efficient team and stay in constant contact with site managers and senior leadership through our 24/7 command center and online security portal.

At Sangar Security, we deliver more than security. Leveraging our expertise in logistics and supply chain security, assisted living facilities can receive greater benefits with improvements that reduce mistakes and operational inefficiencies.