Asset Tracking and Programmable Security Logic

With the Sangar TrailerTrack™ first generation system, you can have an instant web-based inventory verification, a complete history of your shipment, and on-demand ingress/egress reports. Through web- embedded technology, you can also give your customers a view of arrival times for their shipment, keeping them informed and happy.

Sangar Security provides the latest technology for asset tracking and programmable security logic to keep your business secure and improve the efficiency of operations.

Our next generation asset tracking system does even more. Our second generation’s fully customizable security logic and media-rich I/O offers a host of additional benefits:

  • Complex security and other business processes logic can be implemented without overloading human resources.
  • Data validation allows for full and accurate documentation at the gate. Rich information useful to those down line can be captured.
  • Event-driven alerts make sure the right stakeholders are aware of company-defined events when they need to know.

This is security you and your customer’s can see.