At Sangar Security, we occupy a unique niche in the security industry. We're big enough to provide the capabilities to meet our clients' needs, and focused enough to listen to each of our clients and understand what those needs are.

Sangar Security started as Sangar Cargo Security, specializing in the secure handling of cargo and supply chain security. Since then, we've organically grown – through our dedication to the security and success of our clients' businesses – to provide security solutions for a wide range of industrial, business and residential clients.

Using the latest asset tracking technologies and our integrated guard service with on-site security guards, remote guards and mobile security patrols, we increase coverage and reduce costs for our clients' security. At Sangar Security, we also go a step further and use our expertise to improve our clients' operations and their bottom line.

Our elite team of security professionals, trained in security, logistics and business operations, help our clients to be more than secure by preventing non-theft losses that occur due to mishandling and mistakes, and improve businesses processes and productivity.

With our 24/7 command center and online security portal, our security guards on-site, remote guards and mobile patrols stay in constant contact with site managers and senior leadership. We're all accountable to each other and we work as a team to meet and exceed our clients' expectations.

As we continue to grow, we constantly monitor and measure our own performance to find areas of improvement. And no matter how big we get, we'll never outgrow our ability to listen and create tailored security solutions for our clients. So whether you've got one hotel or one hundred warehouses, we're here to make sure you're more than secure.