24/7 Command Center

With most security companies, once the contract is signed, the job ends. Guards are left alone at a facility with minimal contact or oversight from management. Complacency soon sets in and their vigilance vanishes – along with your assets. This never happens at Sangar.Sangar Security uses the latest technology to keep your assets secure. - Photo Courtesy Brad Feldman

At Sangar Security, we have created a culture of Duty, Respect and Accountability. These values start with senior leadership and extend down to every employee across the country. With Sangar Constant Watch™, senior leadership manages a system that maintains constant contact with our on-site managers and guards.

Our guards take great pride in being part of the team, striving for excellence. And just like a team, we keep score with:     

  • Rigorous weekly audits by our on-the-ground manager.
  • Our 24/7 Command Center live surveillance constantly assesses our guards to ensure we remain at peak performance
  • Our Covert Security Testing program is a stealth means of testing our security response protocols before someone else does.           

We don’t just measure performance though. Through Sangar’s Performance Rewards Plan, we recognize and reward quality performance on a bi-weekly basis. The result is highly motivated, incentivized officers that know they are part of a team, that we are always keeping score, and that we are always rewarding excellent performance.